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We offer excellent White wave granite products:

Granite Tiles , White wave Granite steps , wall cladding, wall skirting
Granite countertops ,vanity , worktops ,table tops , cabinet tops
Granite products for hotel project , home Remanufacturing , airport construction, railway station construction project
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White wave granite
White wave Granite is a White Granite from China

Also named : Spray white granite , Shaking wave granite , Surf white granite ,sea wave granite , white oyster granite

White wave is white granite with black and grey spots , sometimes , White wave granite is less color difference, so it is always used for big project, such as airport flooring project , hotel project etc.

Physical Properties of White wave granite:
  • Density(g/cm3):2.64
  • Water Absorption(%):0.19
  • Bending Strength(MPa):66.50
  • Hardness/modulus of elasticity(MPa):15.70

China white wave granite flooring

China White wave granite is very suitable for kitchen countertops , bathroom countertops , kitchen worktops , bench tops , table tops .

We supply granite countertops to building material shops , hotel projects , home rebuilding projects .?/p>

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White wave is popular granite in China

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